Podcast #64: Around The Way Girl

Podcast Banner_64

The guys are back with news about the Star Trek/Doctor Who comic crossover and talk about Steve’s visit to the Gallifrey One Convention. Adam talks about Origin giving away some free Battlefield 3 games with purchase, The Old Republic coming to Asia and L.A. Noire sequel could still be coming. Steve talks about how much AT&T hates their customers, piracy isn’t that big of an issue and Google getting shady with privacy.

Talking about the upcoming Phoenix Comic Con, the guys talk about the panel that will discuss the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. Adam and Steve decide to share their views on the topic and why they are so over this. Of course, they brought a new batch of new releases for Netflix, movies, games, DVDs and comics, as well as, new douchebags and an epic person.



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