Chinese People Comment On Obama’s Google+ Page


It seems that anyone can gain access to Google+ pages. While many people are still opting to use Facebook for their social media connections, it seems that the Chinese people have gained access to President Obama’s Google+ page.

Wait? Obama is on Google+ account? Apparently he does. Somehow many Chinese people had gained access to it to leave him comments. This is strange because everyone knows about the “Great Firewall” and people began to speculate it there was a glitch.

Google has claimed to have done nothing different with their attempt at a social networking site, but it wouldn’t surprise me because they need people to visit their site. In any case, Obama was left messages like “Mr. President, Please pay more attention to Chinese civil rights,” “I want a Green Card,” and “the Chinese GOV doesn’t represent the Chinese people,” according to Cnet.

Many people think that since they have very restrictive internet in China that it is possible that people were gaining access to the site using mobile phones. They believe there was a security loophole that wasn’t covered. Currently, no social networking sites is allowed in China. According to TIME, the comments are starting to slow down, which would mean that they found the glitch.


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