The Flash To Get Its Own Official Pilot


For those of you counting the episodes to see the Flash in the 20th episode of Arrow this season, will have to wait longer. At least, that is the conclusion we are getting from the CW. Originally, in Arrow’s 8th and 9th episode, they would introduce the character of Barry Allen into the CW universe. Then around episode 20, they would reveal him as The Flash. It was to serve as a backdoor pilot for the new series.

According to Deadline, the CW has changed its mind. It seems that the CW has decided to move ahead and shoot an actual pilot for the series, instead of using Arrow as a stage for the pilot. Apparently, the vibe is already positive that they are going to move right into a traditional pilot production for the potential series.

Now, there is still no word on whether The Flash will still make an appearance in episode 20, as originally planned. The benefit is that The Flash pilot will have its own budget to spend strictly on the character itself.

Don’t get scared to think that they are making it a completely separate series from Arrow, that plan remains the same. Keep The Flash and Arrow in the same universe as it will allow for crossover events, but the odds of seeing the costume will have to wait until fall of 2014 rather than spring. Bummer.



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