Wii U High-Capacity Battery GamePad Now Available In US


You have to admit that Nintendo has been slow in rolling out things that would improve the life of ailing Wii U console. While they are still suffering from underwhelming customer support, title support and a very rocky launch window with no major titles, it took the company over a year to release a higher-capacity battery for their GamePad.

CVG is reporting that Nintendo is, finally, offering the higher capacity battery via their website, which improves the battery life up from 3 – 5 hours to around 8 hours. Not a bad improvement. Unlike other extended battery options, this one fits neatly into the GamePad’s standard battery compartment, replacing the old battery and keeping the original form of the device unchanged.

While some of you are probably wondering when we will ever be able to get a second GamePad, which should first ask when they will develop a game that will allow you to use GamePad’s in a single game. Right now, I think many of us would be happy if they could find one that would get me to play.

After the holiday, it would be interesting to find out how the console performed against the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. We can be sure there was no comparison, but it would be interesting to see how badly they came in behind.



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