Hacker Group DERP Takes Down a Few Gaming Servers


A hacker group calling themselves DERP took down a slew of gaming server including Battle.net, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Legends seemed to take the majority of the hit. Other gaming servers affected were Club Penguin and World of Tanks.

At one point DERP contacted PhantomL0rd, a popular Twitch streamer, while he was playing a round of Dota 2. DERP told him that if he lost the match they would take down the Dota 2 servers. Seeing as the Dota 2 servers went down you can guess that Phantom didn’t win the match, although I’m sure they would have taken it down anyway.

DERP convinced PhantomL0rd to play Club Penguin which didn’t seem to end well for him, as he said he had to go offline due to it sounding like the police were at his door.

When asked what their motives were DERP said “For the lulz” as well as mentioning their dislike for greedy companies.

This is the same old story of a small group of people using a simple DDoS attack to cause some havoc. I’ve always wondered myself if these people really wanted to make a difference why don’t the attack websites that cause actual harm? I’m sure there are worse targets than video game companies. Small minds doing small deeds.


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