Steam Finishes 2013 With a Bang


There is a term used that I don’t hear enough these days, method to their madness. For those that don’t know it means the group or person in question may be doing a lot of things that you don’t understand but it’s still for a good reason. Steam is one of those cases. A lot of people don’t understand why they have these amazing sales all the time. While I’m sure a lot of the reasoning is to thank their growing user base, a lot of it is surely to grow their user base.

Steam ended 2013 with a peak of 7.6 million users at once time and currently sit with 4,978,543 at the time of writing this article (keep in mind its 3:15 a.m. Mountain Time.) Current numbers can be seen on the Steam stats page.

Now here’s the method. Not only did the winter sale pull in a lot of users but giving away Left 4 Dead 2, a predominately multiplayer title, for free didn’t hurt either. This year you could even earn badges that could be traded in before the end date in a few interesting ways. Carrot on a stick indeed.

Now it may sound like I’m mad with the company but honestly I’m not. I personally love Valve and use Steam daily (unless I’m playing Minecraft or a Blizzard game.) To be completely honest they deserve the riches they have by providing a service pretty much every PC gamer enjoys. Nothings perfect of course, but Steam gets pretty damn close.

Here’s to another great game of gaming for everyone.


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