Comcast Blocking PS4 Users From Watching HBO Go App

Anytime there is a problem with using something through Comcast, no one flutters an eye. However, it seems that Comcast is out to keep their subscribers in the “I hate Comcast” camp, as they have are not letting anyone that has their television service to view streaming content via HBO Go through the PlayStation 4 app.

Users of the PlayStation 3 know this, as they have not been able to use the app, which was launched over a year ago. According to The Verge, every other provider has allowed access to the app for PS4 users, except Comcast. There is no valid reason as to why they would do this.

Obviously, their issue is with Sony than HBO, which is owned by Time Warner. It would seem that they want to keep people using their Infinity app but I am not even sure if you can get HBO programming on their own app.

Nevertheless, it seems that Comcast wants to keep such a tight grip on their customers that will prevent them from watching content on anything other than their own service. Which is misguided, at best.

As it was announced last week that HBO Now will be coming, which allows people to pay $15 a month for all of HBO’s content (just in time for the latest season of Game of Thrones), this could push people to leave them entirely and “cut the cord.” Not sure what they are thinking but as we know, customer service is not high on their priorities.



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