Harley Quinn May Be Getting Jealous of Catwoman’s Bisexual Headlines

Image-111Image-111a Image-111b

Not to be out done by her feline friend. DC character Harley Quinn is displaying more than friendly affection for her friend Poison Ivy in this month’s issue of her self-titled book. The scene from the upcoming comic can be seen above.

While this scene isn’t really anything out of the ordinary for this character, it’s made more interesting with recent headlines about Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and her bisexuality. The main difference here is Harley has drank a bit too much wine and she’s never been the sort to make any sense. This could just be Harley being Harley but she’s always been flirtatious with Poison Ivy.

Then again this could be, as I feel, silly to even talk about. The real truth of the matter is I’m posting this because I think the scene is funny and I love the Harley Quinn book. Either way she’s interrupted before anything more concrete takes place.



I guess Harley Quinn’s sexuality will remain a mystery.


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