Apple Ditches Standard USB In Latest MacBook


One of the biggest announcement from Apple’s Spring Forward event was the fact that they announced their new smartwatch. Aside from that, Apple debuted its new 12-inch MacBook Air that is lighter and thinner than existing models but one thing that many people are missing is that it only offers you one port for everything. Also, in traditional Apple fashion, they used a port that no one truly uses and you will need to shell out money for its pricey adapter.

It is not like the new 12-inch MacBook is completely cheap. The base model that will get you 256GB of flash storage will run you $1299, while you can double your storage (512GB) and get yourself a faster processor for about $1599. While the specs are good for Mac users, it’s their decision to go with the USB Type-C connector.

This is reminiscent of Apple’s decision to ditch the pin connector for the lightening connector for the iPhone 5. Apple has always been a target for the people with major disposable income and the decision to get this device will definitely impact you in the wallet.

Now, you can use standard USB connectors or charge your phone at the same time but you will need to purchase their adapter. Their adapter will allow you to charge, use a monitor and use a USB device at the same time. However, it will run you $79. Although, you have the option to purchase the adapter with either a VGA or HDMI output.

Keep in mind that is on top of the $1299 price you are paying for the new Macbook.

You can go for the straight USB option, but that adapter will run you $19 to get a USN to USB Type-C adapter. Unfortunately, you will not be able to connect to the internet via Ethernet or use any SD cards. That is not a total surprise.

Oh and if you want to pick up a spare power connecter, that will run you $78. That would be $29 for a 2-meter cable and $49 for the actual power block. Yeah, they are sold separately.

Then again, you can simply purchase the 13-inch MacBook since it does include an SD card reader, two full-size USB ports and a Thunderbolt port.  Yeah, I see what Apple did there.


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