GTA Online Suffers Issues With The Release Of Heist Mode


It has become commonplace that any time some major publisher launches a game online, it can never seem to go smoothly. Grand Theft Auto Online is no stranger to that issue. When the service first launched back in October, it suffered from a large-range of issues. When they released their “Heist” mode, it was no different.

Gamespot is reporting connectivity issues, mostly in regards to forming a four-man team. While, in the end, it did eventually worked, it took some time to get it to work. It does not seem to be strictly focused on one system, but it does not help that Microsoft has been having some issues on their Xbox 360 with their service alerts.

Rockstar is aware of the issue and posted a statement regarding it:

March 10, 2015: We are aware of some issues today with players having problems connecting to GTA Online, as well as issues with the Xbox Live service. We are working to restore full access to GTA Online as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please stay tuned to this page to monitor the performance of all platforms.

We will continue to monitor the issue and will update this post when new information becomes available.



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