Nexus 6 Finally Arrives On Verizon


One of the biggest complaint with Android phones is that updates or releases of many of their devices are so differing in release date and all of which depends on your provider. Verizon is the worst in this as many of their customers have to wait months for Android updates to hit their network much some of their biggest phone releases like the Nexus 6. Now the wait is over.

Verizon will begin offering Google’s flagship phone starting Thursday (today) but don’t look for an explanation from Verizon for what caused the delay. The best anyone got was a “To all Nexus fans, that you for your patience.”

The phone goes on sale on March 12th online and will be offered for $249.99 on contract. If you are an Edge customer, you will pay monthly installments of $27.08 over 24 months. The phone will be available in-store on March 19th.

Why the phone is coming out months after the phone was initially released back in October of last year? However, many people have said that the Nexus 6 sold by Google Play, Motorola, Sprint and T-Mobile worked on Verizon’s network without issue. AT&T is locked and cannot be used on other carriers.

The only bright side is that the device will be launched on Verizon with Android 5.1 out of the box, so no need to download that 1G update for the device. Although it would have been nice to get it when everyone else got it.



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