Geek In The Life #14: Trying Something New

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The guys are back with their Geek in the Life podcast! Steven discusses the confusion he had when giving a comment for another podcast got him blocked. They discuss the Darth Vader vs Batman short between the original and alternate version of the clip, as well as their view on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and it’s not good.

The guys discuss some of the games their playing on their consoles, as well as what comics they are totally into right now. After that, the guys give their opinions on what you should be reading in comics right now. Steven covers Marvel, while Adam mostly covers DC Comics. It’s a new format they are trying out this month. Let us know if you enjoy it by leaving a comment. We promise, we will not block you.

Listen: podcast-downloadspodcast-Feedpodcast-itunes-iconpodcast-stitcher


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