Xbox One Price Drop Still Helping Sale


A price drop is always a sure fire way to get some extra sales. When it’s on a high profile, and still pretty new, product such as Microsoft’s Xbox One you can expect people to start jumping down off that fence they’ve been on. Microsoft has announced month over month sales for the Xbox One hardware have seen an increase of 84 percent in February.

If that wasn’t enough Microsoft also reports Xbox Live users spent 74 hours on the online service in the same month. That breaks down to 18.5 hours a week.  It wasn’t specified how much of this time was spent gaming versus how much Netflix binge watching was going on.

Mike Nichols, corporate vice president of Xbox marketing at Microsoft, had this to say about sales, “Xbox Live set new records, quadrupling global gaming hours on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in February 2015 compared to February 2014,” Nichols said. “We are grateful to our fans for choosing to play on Xbox One.”

While the PlayStation 4 still lead in console sales for February, Xbox’s 84 percent is definitely something to celebrate. The question now is if Microsoft can keep it up and end 2015 on a solid footing.

Source: IGN


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