Cleaning Up The Site


If you have gone to the site today, you may have noticed some changes. The minor aspect is the layout. It was getting way too cluttered for my tastes and it was time to streamline it a bit. The major aspect of the clean up, or spring cleaning, is that we have had this site for about five years.

That means there was about five years worth of content on here. Now, we have some old stuff from way back in 2010. Much of that means nothing anymore and being a news site, people are more interested in the latest. So it came with the decision to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

That means anything earlier than two weeks ago is gone. Lost to the ages of the internet. However, the older podcasts are still alive on iTunes, Stitcher and Libsyn. I will, of course, start putting them back on the site but it will be a slower process.

We have made many changes over the last year or so, it was difficult to go through the past stuff to make it look the way we want it now. So for now, it was easier to start over and kind of reboot ourselves. Personally, we are both starting different points of our lives and it was time that the site did as well. Make that more to being more mature and this is where the beginning starts.


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