EA Is Attending Star Wars Celebration


It is unsure why this is even a confusing story when some online outlets are reporting this. Star Wars Celebration arrives in Anaheim next month and will have everything Star Wars at the event. This is an annual event that has not been in Los Angeles since 2007. I know, I was there. Some sites are wondering why Electronic Arts will be attending the event.

It is listed as an exhibitor for the show and my own feeling is that we may get to see some trailer or some in-game footage of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, which is slated for release later this year. The only thing that may be bringing this confusion is because EA is not waiting for E3, which happens later in June.

However, since the announcement of EA taking over the gaming aspect of Star Wars, everything has remained rather quiet. We go a sneak tease last year during E3 after the announcement that DICE and Viseral will be handling those titles back in 2013.

With the event happening in about a month, it makes sense that they would use the Star Wars stage to announce the game or release some footage. The major reason is simple: they would have the stage to themselves. It happens two weeks after WonderCon and about two months before E3.

As we will be attending the Star Wars Celebration in April, we will let you all know just how it turns out and what they plan to show off on the convention floor.



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