PaleyFest Clips Of The Flash And Arrow Released Online

What usually happens during PaleyFest is that attendees gets an extra clip of the remaining season of their favorite shows. For fans of The Flash and The Arrow, it seems that fans got to see some of the big storylines that are coming up in the final months. Now, they have officially released the trailers for both shows for us all to enjoy.

Above, you saw The Flash, which was a quick recap of the first half of the season and the final episodes of the freshman run. We knew the showdown between Wells and Barry is coming but the glimpse of The Atom popping in and some of the villains coming up makes me happy the series returns tonight after a three week hiatus.

As you saw with Arrow, things have changed for Oliver and company. People have begun to lose respect for Oliver and even Detective Lance is going after him. It seems the lovefest between everyone and Arrow has thawed and will apply some pressure for this uneven season.

Both shows return this week with all-new episodes.



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