New Supergirl Series Will use Same Daily Planet Set as Lois and Clark

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CBS really wants us to remember their old Superman show Lois and Clark and honestly why not. The show was pretty good in a time when superhero television shows weren’t seen as being normal fare. With the recent casting of Dean Cain (as well as Helen Slater, the original cinematic Supergirl) there is a good dose of nostalgia going on on set. As an addition to that the set itself will be a carryover from that show as well.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow, The Flash) has recently tweeted a photo from the Warner Bros. lot where Supergirl is filming:

This building may be familiar to some but just in case it wasn’t clear reporter Andy Behbakht pointed what it actually was in a tweet of his own:

As cool as this is its honestly just good business sense. If you have a building that already served the purpose of the Daily Planet built why would you make another one?


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