Aquaman Actor Proves He’s DC for Life


Jason Momoa is taking his new found fanbase seriously and has already started to sign posters of him depicting Aquaman. While Aquaman’s solo film is a bit farther off, Mamoa will make an appearance in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film as a set up for the Justice League. At the recent Indiana Comic Con Mamoa was mingling with fans and decided to give a memorable signing to someone.

When asked to sign the poster with a message to “DC haters” Momoa didn’t pull any punches (as seen in the above image.) Mamoa hasn’t confirmed that it was him that signed the poster of course but honestly, why wouldn’t he?

While many news outlets are claiming Mamoa is trying to rekindle an age-old fanboy feud I have two issues with that. First off when did the Marvel vs. DC feud ever end? Second point is if he was the one to sign the poster he more than likely did it to make the fan happy based on the request. In that case, he did an excellent job.


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