Mr. T is Ready to Remodel your House in his Upcoming Home Renovation Show


Mr. T of A-Team fame will be hosting an all new home renovation show on the DIY Network titled I Pity the Tool. As The Hollywood Reporter reports the show is a straight-to-series order which means DIY seems to have a lot of faith in its premise.

The show will play out much like you have already assumed. Mr. T will team up with HGTV Designer Tiffany Brooks (word of the wise if you search for Tiffany Brooks make sure you add the word designer at the end of your search string; you’ve been warned) to remodel old homes. While, of course, we can expect Mr. T to headline the destruction aspect of the renovations it’s going to be interesting to hear his insight on what the new home should look like.

This isn’t the first time the DIY Network has tried to convince us a celebrity is qualified to remodel a home either. The Vanilla Ice Project, The Shatner Project and Rev Run’s Renovation have all be similar shows on the network with different degrees of success. As silly as this new show sounds there is a big market for this kind of entertainment. While I don’t reside in said market, it may be funny to watch.


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