HBO, Showtime Wants Special “Lanes” For Their Content


It would seem that some people did not get the memo when the Federal Communications Commission placed the internet under Title 2 last month. It seems that HBO, Showtime and Sony are reportedly wanting to have some special treatment from Internet service providers in getting their content to their subscribers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, they are looking to have their services classified as “managed” services, which would not pit them with standard Internet traffic and that would allow them to skirt data caps.

“[I]instead of putting their Web traffic on the public Internet’s main thoroughfare, they want to be in a separate lane that would ensure their content gets special treatment,” the Journal wrote. “In effect, that would move them away from the congestion of the Internet, which they fear will only get worse as more people opt to stream movies and TV shows on the Web. The other benefit: a separate lane would be exempt from monthly data-usage thresholds operators enforce for public Internet traffic, saving customers from the surcharges that can kick in if they binge on too many episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Homeland.'”

This would simply fly in the face of the whole Net Neutrality issue that has been going on for the last year. The WSJ suggested that broadband providers would partner up with online services to create a package that would allow broadband providers a cut of the revenue.

This is the whole deal of Net Neutrality. The broadband providers wanted people to pay for their “fast lane” which would see providers getting rich from content providers and from their customers that were saddled with data caps. This was their attempt to keep the Internet to their whim and not lose control of their television monopoly that they provide.

As some people were confused about the data cap issue when the FCC passed Title 2 for the Internet, the FCC has the ability to step in if they so choose. It would seem that the FCC will need to step in to discuss data caps for internet consumers but I do not see them making two landmark decisions in one year.




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