YouTube Prepping it’s Own Game Streaming Service


Not too long ago rumors were abound that Google (owner of YouTube) was looking to purchase the game streaming service Twitch. We might not know if the bid, a reported $1 billion USD, was actually put on the table but we do know that Amazon was the one to pick up Twitch. That appears to have created a new problem for Twitch, competition.

Google has announced it’s own game streaming service, titled YouTube Live, is soon to be released. Focusing on live-streamed gameplay videos as well as eSports events, this new arm of YouTube would be a significant thorn in Twitch’s side.

The Daily Dot reports that YouTube Live will offer “huge opportunities” to already established streamers to lure them to the new service.  Google of course has the resources to offer whatever it wishes to whoever it wants so it will be interesting to see how many people make the move.

Streaming live events is nothing new to YouTube however its never been a focus. This more robust version, focused on gaming, should be very interesting and will affect the market in more ways than one. I would expect an official reveal at this year’s E3.


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