Microsoft Taking a Backseat at Minecon 2015


Ever since Microsoft purchased Minecraft for $2.5 billion last November people have been wondering what it will mean for the game. Microsoft has a hefty influence and many feel they may ruin the game, even though that would be bad business. Apart from the game the annual Minecon event is coming up this year and people are again wondering what Microsoft will be doing to the convention.

It would seem not a whole lot, if anything at all.

GamesBeat spoke with a Microsoft spokesperson recently who says the company will have very little to do with the event stating, “We’re playing a supporting role; we want to listen, learn, and be inspired by the community that has made Minecraft great.”

Microsoft also said they never intended for MInecon to end.

“We’re extremely thankful for our passionate community of players, builders, and content creators who have made Minecraft the global phenomenon it is today,” said the Microsoft spokesperson. “It was important to us to help where needed but let Mojang carry on the tradition of Minecon as a meaningful celebration of the Minecraft community.”

As far as what people can expect at this years event: “Mojang is planning some new surprises, but attendees can expect the same great experience and authentic Minecon experience as past events.”

Since Microsoft purchased Minecraft it hasn’t really done much. The biggest thing to come out of this new ownership is seeing Minecraft Mobile come to the Windows Phone platform, but that was an obvious thing and not bad in any way. It would see, at least for now, Microsoft is their to write checks to Mojang. Lets hope it remains that way.



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