Best Buy Offers PS4 Bundle For Free



One of the best things that Sony did when they launched the PlayStation 4 was to drop the camera that was originally slated to be required for the console. However, when Microsoft required their Kinect and the backlash that followed, Sony decided to drop the price point of their console by $100 and leave out the camera all together.

Polygon is reporting that Best Buy is offering a new PlayStation 4 bundle that will include the camera for free. The bundle itself is the PS4, The Last of Us Remastered and the camera.

As of right now, the camera does not really have any real purpose except for streaming videos of yourself on Twitch but that is about it. Although, Project Morpheus is slated to be released sometime early in 2016.

The site reports that the camera will be required for that VR headset to function. Is this Sony’s way of getting it out there before people are required to purchase it? I guess we will have to see if people take Sony up on their free camera bundle.


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