Suicide Squad Director Teases Arkham Asylum


One of the main features of the upcoming Suicide Squad film many are failing to talk about is where it takes place. Arkham Asylum is one of the most iconic locations in the DC universe and its going to be interest to see it depicted in this new age of realism. Director David Ayer has posted a tease on Twitter and even though it doesn’t really show off the building itself, it still should excite some Batman fans.

I’m sure it was assumed that Arkham Asylum would have records but its still cool to see it here. The logo for the hospital is simple as it should be and the detail on the numbering is a nice touch. With level of detail on these labels to what would seem like a background prop we can only speculate that they would play a bigger role in the film. I’m hoping for a read of some of these notes about some of the more interesting characters in the Asylum.


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