Sony Has Acquired Cloud Gaming Service OnLive


Sony doesn’t want anyone to get the upper hand in game streaming it would seem. The company had already bought Gaikai, the most popular (at the time) game streaming service around. Now they’ve bought OnLive, yet another game streaming service.

It’s a bit more complicated than the previous purchase however. Technically Sony has purchased several technology patents from OnLive and now owns many of their assets. This includes its US and International portfolio patents on cloud gaming. The exact details on the deal that was struck have not yet been released.

It’s safe to assume OnLive had certain technologies that Sony didn’t get from its Gaikai purchase. Perhaps the combination of these two services will strengthen Sony’s already existing service.

The already existing OnLive service will be phasing out over the month and no renewal fees will be charged as of today, April 2nd. The service will remain active until April 30th however so if you are one of the few users still using it you might as well get what you can out of it now. OnLive has also promised refunds to anyone that was charged a renewal after March 28th of this year as well.


Source: IGN


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