Price is Right Girl’s Mistake Cost the Show a Car

The Price is Right is an interesting show for a couple of reasons. First off its still on and second the line between an amazing prize and nothing is pretty damned slim. It’s also one of the few American game shows left that employees models to move things around and, well, stand about. One particular model who goes by the name Manuela made a bit of a mistake in a recent episode that at least one person is completely OK with.

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here but just in case Manuela somehow misunderstood what host Drew Carey said and pulled the wrong ticket, thus revealing the car prize underneath. From what was said the contestant was given the car either way because honestly it would be pretty lame if they didn’t give it to her.

Poor Manuela tried to hide behind the prize shelf thing in shame while Carrey laughed like crazy. It all looked fun and as if it was treated like an honest mistake but we can all assume poor Manuela will be getting the boot from the show if it hasn’t happened already.


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