AJ Lee Retires from the WWE


It’s a sad day for wrestling fans, or at least the one’s that liked AJ Lee. The Diva has retired from “in-ring competition” from the WWE.

There is no real reason given for why she retired however there is plenty of speculation. Lee’s husband, former WWE wrestler himself CM Punk, had rather public falling out with the company that ended in a lot of bad blood. It’s safe to say the dinner conversation between these two had to gravitate towards the fact that Lee worked for the company Punk didn’t like. Now, i’m not saying Lee does whatever her husband says but you can assume they both want each other to be happy.

Of course Lee has had her issues with the company as well. Recently she had some harsh words for for Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. McMahon commented on a Patricia Arquette quote about equal gender rights when it came to wages. It would seem AJ Lee didn’t feel the profession McMahon governed was acting on the praise.

It’s safe to say this didn’t go well in the locker room the next day; even though Lee was correct.

Lee’s future plans haven’t been revealed however she is working on a book it would seem. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve all heard of AJ Lee.


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