New Apple TV Will Not Support 4K


When Apple announced that their long-untouched Apple TV was getting a price drop, two things popped into my head: (one) it’s about time and (two) they are about to bring out a new one. The current version of Apple TV is about three years old. Ancient in technology terms, even Amazon updates their Chrome TV device yearly.

The rumors have been running around that Apple plans to release their new Apple TV box with an app store and SDK. This will allow developers to make applications for the device without direct involvement from Apple. However, one report says that it will not support 4K resolution.

Buzzfeed is reporting that Apple will skip over that feature when the new box is released. This should not come as a complete shock since no one is truly supporting that feature. Sony has been touting 4K movies for a long time now but has not found a way for it to be downloaded in a decent amount of time using current internet technology.

Not to mention that prices for current-gen 4K television are still ridiculously high. Sales on such devices are slow as more people begin to learn that there is not enough content to prove valuable for such a high-cost television.

As the price of any technology device comes down, it usually means that something new is about to hit the streets. If the annual smartphone wars has taught us anything, when the price goes down it usually means that something more expensive is coming at you. Although, Apple will have to show a lot if they plan to re-introduce Apple TV at a $99 price point again.



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