Olivia Wilde May Make a Comeback in Tron 3


Here at the Lazy Geeks we’re big Olivia Wilde fans, for a variety of reasons. Her character in the recent Tron film was one of the most interesting aspects of the movie, and we may see her yet again in the third installment.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Wilde will be coming back alongside co-star Garrett Hedlund and director Joseph Kosinski in the planned third movie.

Tron: Legacy was no push over in the box office when it came out in 2010 and made over $400 million USD worldwide. That kind of money can make a company emotional, and Disney has definitely taken the idea of a third film to heart (see what I did there.)

Tron 3 is said to start filming in Vancouver this fall however there is no word on a plot at this point. Rumor has it it will be titled Tron: Ascension which would make sense based on the ending of the last film.


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