The WoW Token is Here

Not to long ago Blizzard announced the WoW token for World of Warcraft. This token will allow players to purchase their gametime with in-game gold instead of actual money.

This isn’t the first time an MMO has implemented a system like this. The sci-fi MMO Eve Online sells PLEX on its in-game market which works the same way. In Eve anyway its shaped entirely new ways of gameplay built around the market PLEX influences.

The token works both ways as well. You could purchase the tokens with real money and then sell them on the in-game market for gold as well. Essentially Blizzard has found a way around gold farmers by creating a legit way to purchase gold. Take that any way you wish.

The WoW token is explained in more detail in the recently Blizzard released video (seen above.) If you prefer to keep it old school and just ignore the tokens entirely you can do that to by just paying for your subscription like you always have too.


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