Disney Pushes Apple For More Channels



It seems that the reports of Apple’s web-based TV service could be hitting another obstacle. It may not be a roadblock but more of a pain for people that would be looking for this to cut the cord from regular cable providers. The Street is reporting that Apple and Disney are talking about what channels that will/could be coming to Apple.

According to the report, it seems that Apple and Disney are not seeing eye-to-eye on what channels will be provided. Apple is looking to bring only a select grouping of channels to keep the cost to the consumer low. However, Disney is pushing for Apple to take a majority of their channels. That could include many of the Disney channels and ESPN channels.

Apple is looking to bring some Disney channels that they view are “essential for the young families” that would likely subscribe to the service. Disney, of course, wants Apple to pay full price for its offering, which is what will likely increase the price. Those familiar with cable channels know that ESPN channels are the most expensive.

Apple is aiming to offer the service somewhere between $30 to $40 a month.

As many people are looking to lower their cable bills, the a la carte option from cable providers still seems out of the realm of possibility. Yet when other companies are looking to make some headway into the “cord-cutting” venture, it seems that the bundling prices will make it cheaper to keep cable. I can see what they are doing there.




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