Don Mattrick Leaves Zynga


Don Mattrick, former President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, took the CEO position at gaming company Zynga back in 2013. It would seem that was a short-lived career change; Zynga has announced Mattrick is leaving the company.

The former CEO and founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus, will be taking on his old role as CEO. Pincus said, “Don joined us in a very important time in our evolution. I sincerely thank him for his leadership in better serving our players in a mobile first world and for delivering world class quality and value to our consumers.”

“I am excited about the company’s trajectory and wish the best for Mark, Zynga and NaturalMotion as I plan to return to Canada to pursue my next challenge,” Mattrick said.

We don’t know what that next challenge is yet but we do know it won’t be in America anyway. Let’s see what our neighbors in the north can cook up with Mattrick in the future.


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