The Away Team #1: Encounter At Farpoint

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Welcome to a new monthly series that dedicates a entire podcast to an entire episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In their premiere edition, Steven and Adam discuss the original two-part episode, Encounter at Farpoint. Not only do they pick apart the episode, but they also provide some behind-the-scenes facts about the episode. So check it out and let us know what you think.



One thought on “The Away Team #1: Encounter At Farpoint

  1. I love this podcast! This is one where I actually know what you guys are talking about, as a trekkie myself. lol
    Natasha Yar… in later episodes she talks about her tumultuous past on Turkana IV with the “rape gangs”. Honestly… I was over her character by that point. By then her impulsiveness was too apparent. She would constantly jump in and want to square off with everyone; it was was beyond annoying. It seemed as though she was always trying to prove she was present. Whereas Worf just had a imposing, brooding presence– You just didn’t want to mess with him.
    In the second episode, Tasha sleeps with Data due to an illness that was pretty similar to one that Kirk and his crew had. I really don’t think that helped her character at all. To me, it just seem to reinforce her insecurities when it came to human relationships when the rape gang thing came up. I would have preferred a more stoic Tasha than the one that seemed to have a HUGE chip on her shoulder. If they wrote her like that (and had the Data episode later) I think I would have been more interested in her.

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