HBO Now Handled Game Of Thrones Season Premiere



There are some instances when you cannot win them all. However, in the effort put up by HBO to deliver their much-anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones’ fifth season premiere, it seems that it was more of a split decision.

As HBO launched their new HBO Now service, which is their paid standalone service, there was some apprehension as to whether it would fare better than their initial free app, HBO Go, did last year. It passed the test and did not crash under the demand load.

The same could not be said for HBO Go, which was giving users error messages. Some did not get to see the premiere until well after the 9PM air time, while some did not get to see any of it at all. You can see the example of the issue below.

HBO Go was not the only site that had issues, SlingTV had a similar issue. This is compounded after the crash it had when it was unable to successfully handle the load of March Madness last month. While The Verge reported on the good and bad issues of the night, it seems that there is something missing about the piece.

HBO Now is a paid service.

With it being a paid service, and the first one out the gate, it needed to handle the load well. HBO Go is a free service offered to HBO subscribers. So the theory is that if you have HBO, then you can see it on your TV. Of course, if you are away from home, it was supposed to be a saving grace. With the diverse performance of the two apps, you can see what HBO is putting their effort behind.



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