Marvel Releases 30 Second Teaser for an Upcoming Ant-Man Trailer

This is the world we live in now folks.

A new trailer is being released for Ant-Man today (it may already be out while you’re reading this) on This trailer, like any other trailer, is advertising the movie that is set to release for July 17th. Yesterday a teaser was also released, for the trailer. We are at a point where we get ads for our ads now.

Now don’t take my snarky tone as a negative here. I’m excited to see the trailer and the teaser just brings the level of excitement up a few more levels. In this world of constant hype, hyping the hype can be beneficial to the brand. And let’s be honest, non-comic book fans are kind of scratching their heads over a hero named Ant-Man.

So enjoy the teaser, and head over to to see the trailer.


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