Marvel Editor Leaving Company, to Start His Own


Starting a new business is the American Dream (that most likely copyrighted) but it helps when you have experience. A lot of business fail because the people that start that start with a dream, but then soon realize they don’t know what they’re actually doing. This isn’t the case for Mike Marts, who has decided to leave Marvel and start up his own company, Deadline reports.

Mike Marts has been an editor at Marvel Comics for quite some time now and has decided to throw his hat in the ring as a start-up, well, starter. Marts does have a nice resume to show off with work on Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and even DC’s Batman. Of course he’d be handing his resume to himself, but hey we should all love ourselves a bit more sometimes.

Marts will be joining with Marvel writer Joe Pruett and co-CEO’s Michael Richter and Jon Kramer of Facebook and Reality television to start AfterShock Comics. Lee Kramer, head story analyst from Endeavor will take on the role of president and Jawad Qureshi of SVP Investor Relations will fill up the executive team, because let’s face it, you always need a suit.

“I could not be more excited about my future and the creative adventures that lie ahead of me,” Marts said on Twitter. “After years of honing my skills at the two best publishers in the business, I am breaking to build a fun, safe, creative & competitive new home.”

Word on the street is Marts left Marvel on good terms. It sort of makes sense seeing as Secret Wars will be starting up this summer and Marts may just not be into it. Can’t wait to see what kind of content AfterShock Comics will bring to the table.


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