Mortal Kombat X will sell “Easy” Fatalities with Micro-Transactions


This is one of those things that you know will sell really well but will end up making a lot of people angry at the same time. Have you ever felt like doing a Fatality in a Mortal Kombat game was difficult to pull off? Are you the kind of person that needs to instantly be good at something or you never touch it again? Are you also the kind of person that misses the point of a skill-based move? Then come on down, because this next bit is for you!

For those that may be unaware of how a Fatality works, I’ll explain it. At the end of a successful Mortal Kombat match you have a limited time to enter a series of button presses exactly in order to have your character perform a special finishing move. They’re purely for visual effect since you’ve already won the match but it’s a great way to rub it in your opponents face. It’s also a great way to show people you know what you’re doing.

Now, for a few bucks you can get simplified fatality moves. Five of these will be .99 USD each while 30 will be $4.99 USD. Spend a few bucks and you can pretend to be good at the game. The future everyone.

Here are some cooler and more traditional DLC packs you can purchase:

  • Kombat Pack ($29.99 USD) – 4 playable characters (including Jason Vorhees and Predator) and some skins
  • Goro ($4.99 USD) – Goro, and that’s all that’s needed
  • Blue Steel Sub-Zero ($1.99 USD) – you can play as Blue Steel Sub Zero
  • Unlock all Krypt items ($19.99 USD) – lets you unlock everything in the Krypt without actually working for it
  • Samurai Pack (bundle only) – three new character skins

I may have shown a bit of distain here but this game looks amazing. Now when you pull off that sweat Fatality you can gloat and say “no kid, I didn’t buy the easy ones.”


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