Princess Leia and Marvel Dominate Sales in March

Princess Leia #1 Banner


When Marvel began releasing new Star Wars or character-based stories in February, it was unclear just how well they would sell. Given that Disney is releasing the new sequel trilogy starting later this year, it seems that Star Wars and their traditional superhero comics brought in Marvel for the win in the month of March.

Princess Leia #1 was the top selling book of the month, which was followed behind by Star Wars #3. Guardians Team-Up #1 came in third for the month. Rounding out the top five was Spider-Gwen #2 as well as the second issue of Princess Leia.

Spider-Man #16 came in sixth with Howard the Duck #1 coming in seventh. Darth Vader #3, which is a personal favorite of mine, came in eighth for the month. DC Comics managed to get one title into the top ten and it was a Batman title. Batman: Arkham Knight #1, which is based on the upcoming video game, came in ninth and Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 came in tenth.

It was a slow month for DC, given that their Convergence event was going to start in April. However, with some new comics and the storylines of Time Runs Out coming to a close in April and the start of Convergence, I can see April being a bit of a closer month for both publishers.



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