Constantine Not Officially Cancelled



Buzzfeed caused a stir earlier on Tuesday with Constantine fans hoping for a second season. Buzzfeed’s Kate Arthur moved the series into her cancelled section based on a report that NBC has officially cancelled the series.

When the news spread like wildfire, people involved with the series were quick to put the kibosh on that rumor. Which has officially gone back to being a rumor. On the site, Kate has gone onto Twitter to redact her earlier statement.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone reached out to Comicbook and explained why the show is not officially cancelled, as of yet.

“I just received confirmation from the corporate offices at NBC,” Cerone told the site. “I was assured that Constantine has not been canceled and our pitch meeting to discuss a potential second season remains on the books. By the way, this is a pitch meeting involving the president of Warner Bros and and the entertainment heads of NBC. Nobody at this incredibly busy time of the development season has time to waste taking pointless meetings.”

“Now, is it fair to say that Constantine is a long shot? Sure, that’s fair to say. While we marginally improved a tough time slot for NBC, we’re a very expensive show to produce. A lot of NBC’s decision making will not doubt hinge on their new pilots and how they feel those new shows would fare as a companion piece to Grimm, versus a second season of Constantine.”

Given that NBC is officially in the toilet overall in ratings, this is a network trick that happens every year with bubble shows. The network has a finite amount of scripts/pilots in production right now. They are looking to see which of that slate is good enough for full production. If that number is low, you will see bubble shows renewed. If many of the shows look good, then you get cancelled.

In the end, if the series gets cancelled, I do not truly think many people will be surprised. However, the show was starting to grow in the ratings and was honestly a good show. Who cares if it strayed off the comic story, look at Gotham. I think there is a remote chance we could see a season two on NBC, but maybe somewhere else would be a good home for it.




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