GameStop Will Start Accepting Retro Consoles and Games in Select Markets

Retro-Games1 (1)

Do you have an old console that is collecting dust in your closet? Do you wish you could unload that SNES because you got something new and better (shame on you)? Well GameStop would like to be your knight and Shining Armor and help you get rid of your classic fare.

GameStop is testing out a sales and trade-in program that will accommodate retro games, consoles and accessories. This will first happen in stores in the NYC and Birmingham markets, about 250 stores, and might spread coast to coast if it goes well. Some of the consoles (and their games) accepted will be the NES, Super NES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, N64 and the SEGA Dreamcast. My day just got better just by typing all those out just now.

“We will bring all of the product back through the Refurbishment Operations Center for inspection, testing and repair,” GameStop told IGN. GameStop projects it would take two months to get back into selling condition as well as give the company “time to build up a good assortment for retro games fans to select from when shopping.”

Now before you get all giddy there is a small detail; this retro stuff isn’t going to be sold in the stores. You’ll be able to buy all of the items from GameStop’s website which is still pretty awesome. However, it would have been amazing to walk into a store in public and play a Dreamcast again.


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