Star Wars: Battlefront Will Not Be An Xbox Exclusive


Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the most anticipated games of the coming year. With its debut to be expected this weekend at Star Wars Celebration, there is very little else out there in regards to the game. However, Aaron Greenberg, the chief of marketing for Xbox, managed to garner a lot of attention with a tweet on Monday.

The fact that an Xbox executive was touting Battlefront on his official Twitter account began speculation that he was confirming that the game would be a Xbox exclusive.

Fortunately for everyone involved, it is not and is technically being released on Xbox One first. That is due to the fact that Electronic Arts is behind the game. They, also, own EA Access which is a online store for all exclusive EA games. Many times they allow subscribers to play some various amount of the game prior to the release of the game.

Greenberg confirmed that assumption with Polygon when he wrote in an email:

“I was referring to the fact that Xbox One is the only place you can play all new EA games before they launch, exclusively with EA Access.”

While we still do not have an actual release date for the game, it seems that they will be released on the same day for all platforms, including PlayStation 4 and PC. That is a good way to scare people and that they spend the night trying to draw up the worst conclusion as opposed to getting people excited about something they will probably see this weekend. Ah, the internet.


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