Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Drops, Trailer Soon


DC has a lot to prove right now. Marvel has been dominating in the theaters for a while now with their costumed characters and even though I’m mainly a DC fan myself I have to say I’m not hating it. The upcoming Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice film is going to be the starting point of a much bigger cinematic universe which means the pressure is on this single film to wow the ever-loving crap out of fans.

Director Zach Snyder has released a short teaser yesterday which is a lead in to the films first trailer. The trailer is due in IMAX on April 20th at special screenings but we can be sure it will hit the internet soon after that. This is also a confirmation of the April 20th trailer which had only been a rumor until now.

We can all stand around and make fun of the fact that we have trailers for trailers now and I do it from time to time myself. However, when it’s something that you’re maybe a bit too excited about, it feels all that much more justified.


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