Grand Theft Auto V Has Most Active Players Ever on Steam


Grand Theft Auto V has finally released for the PC and even though the game has been out for over a year now, people were pretty happy to see it happen. Of course there we’re a few bumps in the road upon release but things went relatively smoothly for the majority of PC gamers. It would seem there were plenty of people standing in a virtual Tron-like line for GTA V as well.

GTA V has topped the Steam charts for most active players for a non-Valve game. As of yesterday the game had 301,000 active players at one time which, if we include Valve games such as Dota 2, puts it in third place. Dota 2 peaked at 777,000 in the same day and has reached a million in the past however that game is also free to play so we’ll just pretend it doesn’t count. states that last non-Valve games to reach numbers like this was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which peaked at 280,000 active players in 2011.

For those PC gamers out there that may have missed GTA V you might want to give it a look see now.


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