Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

If you were lucky enough to see the reveal at the beginning of the live-streaming event, or even more luck to be in the room, you felt the chills and sweats of the debut of the trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. I had some expectations, knowing the world of Battlefield that has been keeping DICE busy with that Frostbite engine.

Seeing the game gave me chills and every desire to have a PlayStation 4 by the time the game comes out on November 17th. During the panel, DICE creatives discussed that one of the stories in the game’s DLC will have a connection to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “The Battle of Jakku” will be featured as the first downloadable content for the game around the time the movie debuts.

The first DLC will be free to all when the movie comes out. The planet is featured in the trailer with the Star Destroyer buried in the sand. However, if you purchase the game via pre-order, you will get the DLC for free on December 1st.

Did the trailer live up to your expectations? What were you missing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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