Check Out The Action-Narration On Netflix’s Daredevil

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Netflix was going to start adding audio descriptions to on-screen action to Daredevil and a few more shows. The act was to curb online criticism for not having this feature, when many other online streaming services offer even more so that Netflix is airing a movie about a visually impaired super hero.

As you can see in the video above, the video is quite compelling. The voice is not mechanical but has the tone that compliments the series with a lowered and gruff tone. With the fight scene above and the one on Polygon, you can see just how the voice interacts with the movie. It is not distracting in any way but blends with the action above.

In some instances, during long silences, the narrations often dips into a narration for the upcoming action and lets the on-screen noise of the action filter through without distraction. I have to admit that I am impressed with Netflix’s version of the narration. Their plans are to bring it to many of their self-produced series and if they keep it like this – it should be a quality experience.



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