James Earl Jones To Voice Vader In Star Wars Rebels Second Season

One of the primarily reasons I never got into any of the Star Wars animated series was the fact that none of the original characters of the movies never provided any of their voices to the characters on a full-time basis. During the Saturday panel for Star Wars Rebels at Star Wars Celebration, executive and supervising producer Dave Filoni said that will change when the series returns for a season two.

As you saw in the trailer above, you know Darth Vader will be playing a major role in the series’ second season. Better than that, James Earl Jones is confirmed to be providing the voice work for the entire second season. He even went on to start that if the show keeps going and he wishes to continue with it, he will always provide the voice for the series.

When he was asked about directing the veteran actor, he stated that it was “actually incredibly easy,” because Jones embodies the character so completely with his commanding voice. “[Jones] said to me, ‘David, I haven’t done this in ten years, can you remind me how?’ and I said, ‘No, you’re doing it! You’re doing it right now!.'”

As you see in the trailer, things get pretty real when Vader is hot on their trail. Filoni stated that the relationship between Ahsoka (the padawan of the late Anakin Skywalker) and Darth Vader will be “part of the story we have to tell.”

After watching the trailer for the second season, and for Vader’s return, I am more inclined to catch up on the show and check it out for the upcoming season will be aired on Disney XD later this year.



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