Sam Witwer Coming back As Palpatine in Star Wars Rebels


There are some roles that are iconic. They just stand the test of time largely due to the way the actor portrayed them. Emperor Palpatine is one of these characters, and it’s safe to assume his voice was a big part of what makes him so memorable. Luckily the actor who played Palpatine, Sam Witwer, is all for a comeback. In animated form that is.

There have been rumors that Witwer would have a role in the popular cartoon Star Wars Rebels for some time now. Director Dave Filoni has finally confirmed these rumors are true at the Star Wars Celebration yesterday.

This isn’t the first time Witwer has played the character outside of the films either. The actor has lent his voice to Star Wars video games like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel as well as Kinect Star Wars. He’s played the character in a handful of TV appearances in the past as well.

For those that may have passed up Star Wars Rebels as just another kid’s show; Star Wars fans may want to give it a go. The show is well written, and gives some impressive visuals.


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