You May Want to go to Mars, but Not without NASA’s Help


National Aeronautics and Space Administration administrator (say that five times fast) Charles Bolden is confident in his organizations skills. So confident in fact that he’s stated in a recent budget proposal that no private organization will make the trip to Mars without NASA’s support.

“No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is going to get to Mars,” he said.

Bolden went on to explain that humanity as a species needs to “get away from being Earth-reliant… (and) Mars is the planet that is the most like Earth.” Let’s not forget either it’s our neighbor as well, which makes it an even better candidate to focus on. “Our ultimate focus is the journey to Mars and everything comes back to that,” he said.

Of course, Mars as it looks now is rather grim. A massive desert world void of any life or an atmosphere that we can breathe. However, evidence of water on the red planet keeps flooding (pun level 1000) in with news as recent as last week of evidence for liquid water on the planet.

It’s also not hard to believe that NASA is holding all the cards for a trip to Mars. NASA has done the majority of the exploring of the planet and their not wrong in saying that a massive amount of funds is going to be needed to get there with current technology.

NASA is already making steps in the right direction with the new Orion spacecraft as well as all the data pouring in from the various Rovers over the years that have done some looking around. The amount of information we have learned about Mars in just the last 20 years out shines what we knew over the previous centuries by leaps and bounds.


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