Trailer #2: Fantastic Four

Toward the tail end of the weekend that was dominated by everything either Star Wars or Batman v Superman, 20th Century Fox tried to capitalize on the geek explosion that had taken over the internet. With that, they dropped the latest trailer for Fantastic Four on Sunday and got a largely positive response.

In this version of the trailer, we seemed to get more into the plot of the movies and learned how Victor Von Doom fit into the whole thing. Seeing that the cast got their powers from some strange accident when exploring an interdimensional shift, it shows that they are making an attempt to change the origin story a bit.

Not only that, but we get a more personal feel for each of these characters. However, the age of the actors still seems a bit weird for me but that does not mean I will not see it. Of course I will. While some minor pensiveness in regards to the age of the actors and believe that they will be who they eventually will be, the movie looks like a better turn than the last one.


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