New Creative Team Takes Over for “Justice League United”


Justice League United will be getting some fresh blood come July. Jeff Parker and Travel Foreman will be taking the reigned of the book and bringing together a whole new group of characters to play with.

The new hero and villain filled team will feature Stargirl, Swamp Thing, Alanna Strange, Mera, and Poison Ivy. Etrigan will even guest start in the first issue created by the creative team. This new series will all start at issue eleven.

Justice League United was originally created by Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone back in April 2014 with issue #0. The original team consisted of Adam Strange, Animal man, Equinox, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl and Supergirl.

Parker has worked on Batman ’66 and Aquaman in the past with Foreman credited for Animal Man and Birds of Prey. Justice League United #11 will hit shelves on July 8th.


Source: IGN


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